WhosTheUmpire (WTU) Tutorials

Our match officials administration software.


Create a WTU Account

Sign up to WTU, our workhorse during the season, allowing CSMOA to administer nearly 200 cricket match officials across Scotland, with around 50 games per week at some stages.


Update your availability

Updating your availability is a critical task that allows our Appointments team (appointments@csmoa.org.uk) to assign our members to the various cricket fixtures all across Scotland.

Update whole months, weeks or even every Saturday, Sunday, weekdays with a few simple clicks. Add notes to your availability, change individual dates at any time should your plans change.

You can also follow some written instructions from WTU. 


WTU email notifications for appointments & updates

Throughout a season you will receive many emails from WTU about new appointments, updates to appointments including when fixture details may change or fixtures are postponed or cancelled. 


Match reports, fees/expenses, Code of Conduct reporting

After a match there is some simple reporting that takes only a few minutes to complete after agreeing with your colleague. How did the pitch and ground play, how did the teams behave generally, any reportable incidents, plus fees & expenses claims. 

Correspondence Address

CSMOA Secretary
c/o Craig MacDonell
National Cricket Academy
Ravelston, Edinburgh
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