CSMOA Major Sponsors

CSMOA is proud to continue our partnership with both Aurelia and Aveo for cricket officials clothing. 

Pictured above at the 2019 re-signing (with one of our founding bodies, ESCOA) - from left: Neil Davidson (CSMOA), Gary Nichol, David McLean & George Payne (Area Sales Manager - Scotland for Supermax UK; owner of both brands).

Special thanks to Iain Crawford (Group Managing Director of Supermax UK) for continuing their sponsorship support of the new CSMOA organisation through his association with Matthew Crawford (father & CSMOA umpire). 

Aurelia disposable gloves - CSMOA's white clothing sponsor

Founded in 2000, the Aurelia brand is the flagship of the Supermax brands.

We are extremely proud that already today it is the leading Latex and Nitrile examination glove brand in North America and is the fastest growing disposable glove brand across Europe.

Aurelia is a premium quality glove with an uncompromising emphasis on comfort and safety to professionals from all industries. With its unmistakable packaging, Aurelia is well on the road to achieving its goal of being the most recognisable disposable glove brand around the world.


Aveo contact lens - CSMOA's coloured clothing & international/regional sponsor

Aveo's mission is to make better eye health accessible to everyone, by offering affordable daily contacts with advanced technology, produced as sustainably as possible.

Become a new sponsor

Help support CSMOA in officiating cricket across Scotland

Benefits can include...

Website Marketing

Get your company regularly promoted on the CSMOA website and social media pages, plus mentions through our news and appointment announcements.

Clothing Advertisement

Get your brand on all new CSMOA officials clothing, worn across the Scotland in most fixtures*.

*This is dependant on restrictions imposed by competition regulators and choices made by individual officials.

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